Imagery Analysis and Habitat Restoration

Utilizing our custom built heavy lift X8 multicopter capable of lifting 25 kg or our DJI M600 we work on habitat restoration of both marine and terrestrial habitats utilizing our modular design so as to be easily swapped depending on mission requirements.
Planting occurs in a phased approach with it beginning with site analysis where the team uses our fixed wing or multi-copter drones (depending on the extent of the area) to map the area, take ground control points, soil depth and water depth to evaluate the area for suitability. Our team of global world class scientists such as from Pew and Silvestrum work with site experts to explore the appropriate seed germination phases, seed ball characteristics and materials and location of the planting within the site to see which solution is most viable. Extensive monitoring over the year then takes place to gather data to assess the health of the mangrove and terrestrial areas with eventual scientific publications being released. 
As we are working with and adapting and modifying open source and easily accessible materials and self engineering the solutions we are looking to create the least cost possible solutions. 
We believe that access to these solutions should be available to all and are looking for developing country communities to train and replicate these solutions to become self efficient. 

Habitat Restoration


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