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Using drones when monitoring habitats can dramatically increase the amount of data gathered and the size of the area that can be covered during the course of a single day.  This data can then be used to identify areas of interest where waterproof drones can be sent to take sample images of each location for verification of coral, seagrass, or rocks as well as to identify specific species of seagrass and coral. 


Data captured over mangrove areas can be used to identify areas of healthy and unhealthy mangroves early enough to take steps to identify the stressor. The orthomosaics created can also be used to isolate areas that can potentially be reforested/afforested and areas of die-off that can be replanted. Purpose built drones can be used to drop seeds in areas that are too difficult or sensitive for human interaction or if speed and efficiency is desired.

Data can then be captured at set intervals annually to measure extent of growth or die-off of mangroves.

Assessing Plant Health

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