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We firmly believe in the power of imagery to revolutionize data collection, analysis, mapping, communication, and education.

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Unleashing Analysis through Imagery

Through Custom Drones, Kites, Balloons as well as 360 Imagery

Distant Imagery

Innovation | Creativity | Passion

Distant Imagery - the leading provider of aerial and underwater solutions for environmental analysis, monitoring, and habitat restoration. Our products include drones, kites, balloons, and ROVs. We offer cost-effective solutions to customers in the UAE and developing countries worldwide.

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Check it out!

We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking project in partnership with the Borari Tribe of the Brazilian Amazon!

Join this incredible tribe, Distant Imagery and Earth Matters in making a difference! We are looking for your advice on project financing for impact.

This initiative is not just about conservation; it's about empowerment and sustainability. The Borari tribe, with Neila Borari, identified the need for innovative solutions to protect their ancestral lands and preserve their way of life. Tribes like the Borari, who protect 80% of global biodiversity, often lack the resources and technology to combat threats effectively. That's why we're partnering to provide purpose built and community led and built climate technology, including drones, empowering them with accurate data to address forest threats swiftly and effectively.

Unlike traditional approaches, our project empowers the Borari tribe from start to finish. They are not just beneficiaries; they are partners in every sense of the word. Utilizing drones, kites, and balloons for data gathering, they have identified the need for cost-effective solutions with higher resolution and proactive monitoring capabilities, eliminating long delays. These tools are crucial for tracking deforestation threats and reporting them promptly, while also assessing opportunities for scaling up production and enhancing revenue streams like bee farming and medicinal plant cultivation.

Additionally, our initiative involves training youth in the tribe on drone usage and data analysis, bolstering awareness and access to cutting-edge communications technology.

By the project's conclusion, they will be fully self-sufficient, in operating and maintaing these tools to amplify their resources and to safeguard their lands independently.

We believe in the power of collaboration to create meaningful change. That's why we are seeking project financing to scale up this initiative and amplify its impact. Together, we can support indigenous communities, protect vital ecosystems, and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Let's make a difference together!
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