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12 organizations delivering on the promise of blue carbon

World Economic Forum

Mar 1, 2022

Distant Imagery Nominated as Winner. n this vein, Friends of Ocean Action and UpLink and the Mangroves Working Group, launched the Blue Carbon Challenge. Salesforce, Conservation International, Coastal Oceans Research and Development – Indian Ocean (CORDIO) East Africa, REV Ocean, and GIB Asset Management joined this effort as supporting partners. Together, we sought solutions and tools that can build the supply of strong blue carbon credits. Our focus was to find blue carbon projects that advance the conservation and restoration of coastal and aquatic ecosystems that can enter the carbon market, as well as solutions that support and build trust and transparency in such projects.

  • Interest in blue carbon has reached an all-time high, but high-quality projects remain scarce.

  • The Blue Carbon Challenge on UpLink sourced innovative solutions, projects, and enabling tools that can harness the potential of blue carbon markets to support conservation, restoration, and coastal management for people, nature, and climate.

  • The selected 12 UpLink Ocean Top Innovators will receive technical support and valuable connections to scale their interventions.


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