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12 organisations delivering on the promise of blue carbon

Ecomist Impact

Mar 2, 2022

Distant Imagery Solutions believes that its drones, made from simple and scalable 3D-printed components, coupled with precision planting can be a game-changer in mangrove restoration. Its technology can drop 2,000 germinated seeds or 500 seedballs in ten minutes. Distant Imagery sees its drones as a supplement to the holistic ecology of the planting area.

As businesses pursue net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, they must look for ways to achieve rapid decarbonisation. Capturing carbon in natural carbon sinks offers a transitional step to net zero, complementing efforts to reduce emissions. Carbon markets enable net-zero commitments to become credible and positive actions for people, nature and climate.

Terrestrial carbon sinks have created carbon credits via forests and grasslands, with great impact. But blue carbon—carbon stored in aquatic ecosystems like mangrove forests and seagrass beds—has the potential to store five times as much carbon per square foot as terrestrial ecosystems. Yet blue-carbon markets and projects have been underdeveloped and underfunded, even as there has been growing corporate demand for this limited supply of verified credits. Building the supply of high-quality blue-carbon credits will require innovative projects and supporting tools that put people and nature at the centre of this climate mitigation strategy.

In this vein, Friends of Ocean Action, UpLink and the Mangroves Working Group have launched the Blue Carbon Challenge. Supporting partners that have joined the effort are Salesforce, Conservation International, CORDIO East Africa, REV Ocean and GIB Asset Management. Together we have sought solutions and tools to build the supply of blue-carbon credits. We have focused on blue-carbon projects that can enter the carbon market and that advance the conservation and restoration of coastal and aquatic ecosystems, along with solutions that support and build trust and transparency in such projects.....


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