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12 blue carbon mangrove projects to watch

The Fish Site

Mar 2, 2022

Twelve innovative solutions, projects and tools for blue carbon markets are getting technical support from Friends of Ocean Action and UpLink as part of the Blue Carbon Challenge.

The Blue Carbon Challenge, an initiative from Friends of Ocean Action, UpLink and the Mangroves Working Group, has identified 12 projects that harness the potential of blue carbon to support ecosystem conservation, restoration and coastal management. The 12 organisations will receive technical support and valuable connections to scale their interventions – and bring strong blue carbon credits to the market.

Blue carbon – carbon stored in aquatic ecosystems like mangrove forests and seagrass beds, has the potential to store five times as much carbon per square foot as terrestrial ecosystems. But to date, blue carbon markets and projects have been underdeveloped and underfunded. Investors need to expand the supply of high-quality blue carbon credits to make the most of this climate mitigation strategy.....

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